Cbbram shoutout!


I’m gonna be honest and say that cbbram was really patient with my hectic ass. I literally moved from Los Angeles to Massachusetts two weeks to date and I managed to place an order from cbbram. After placement I got to the post office and sent him the payment and then never followed up.

Anyway, I was busy trying to get my business up and running (still working on it) and I got notified that the payment has been received. So I checked with cbbram to let him know but since he’s not heard from me he canceled my order. Luckily he came through and re-established it and today I received my order. Thank you cbbram for understanding.
Giad to hear cbbram looked after you. Moving from LA to Mass just as winter hits? You gotta be crazy. Best of luck with the new business!
Ha I thought the same but I had to get here and open up a private fitness studio before the New Years resolutions people start looking for help. Thanks buddy.
Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

Ask me for a price list...
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