Carbs before bed


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Do you guys eat carbs before bed? I watch so many videos on YouTube about "no carbs before bed"..
I deliberately save some of my carbs for late at night before sleep because carbs and fats are the body's main source of glucose.
Carbs and fats are protein sparing until the body runs out of carbs and fats, and then turns to protein for glucose through a process known as gluconeogenesis. At this point protein stops being used for muscle building and is used for energy instead.
So I always have some carbs and fat before sleep so the protein is only being used for building muscle.
What you guys think? Not sure if my logic is correct.


there's so much bro science on this subject..i got bored of researching that macronutrient science, i just calculate calories/macros on the entire day, don't really care when i eat them


If you eat carbs late at night your body will store it as fat because you dont need a quick source of energy while you are immobile in bed.. just think how depleted you would have to be for your body to use protein for energy (as you said after your body runs out of carbs and fats to burn) that's like something ultra marathon runners deal with.. the point of not eating carbs late at night is so you dont spike your insulin levels.. do some research about how insulin works and why you wouldn't want to spike it before bed


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When I feel like I’m cutting to much I def include carbs in my shake before bed such as a penitbutter and jelly andwhich. I am naturally pretty lean so I eat a lot of carbs all day and night so I don’t lose to much weight.


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i have been eating oatmeal right before bed for the last 10 years... its not a ton of carbs but it definitely has some.. i would be blasting carbs or anything for that matter before bed but having some is NOT going to hurt you whatsoever.. its about what type and how much


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Its however your macros come out at the end of the day. That's seriously probably 97% of it. When you eat those macros has about 3% to do with it