Bulking and Cutting question


Hey guys

Currently been on a cut past 2 week and losing fat which is great, basically im taking it slow and steady with some days eating at maintenance 3000kcal or so, but the intense weightlifting and MISS cardio mean im still losing fat, then some days ill go lower carbs and with about 2700kcal. Past few days ive been feeling flat in the gym which I know is inevitable while cutting. However, I wanted to know what you guys thoughts on doing a 2 week "cautious" cut, followed by a 1 week "lean bulk" where id aim for about 3400kcal nothing crazy. Have any of yous tried it in the past doing a dieting cycle like that or is it better to just go the full 8/12 weeks that I intent to cut, to get it over and done with?

NB: im 5 weeks into a Test 400mg/EQ 600mg/Tren 400mg and Deca 200mg cycle. With first 4 weeks 30mg winstrol/20mg dbol (which im finished with)

Appreciate any advice as always!


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The diet plan you proposed could be great, depends on you. May work for you maybe not some1 else kinda thing.

I have to disagree eating a deficit/cutting and your choice of gear. Cutting is good. Your choice of gear is good. Not good together IMO.


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noone can answer that.. its all trial and error and you have to find what works for you... you can try it and see.. what works for one may not work for the next etc