Bloodwork importance and COMMON Fkng Sense!


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Literally there are DAILY nonsensical posts from people that want answers to problems that provide next to know information and have zero concept of bloodwork in general. If you are honestly, that out of touch to understand the importance of bloodwork and how vital that it is to accurately assess problems then the word "steroids" should not even exist in your vocabulary or world...

WE ARE NOT PSYCHICS... if you provide us little to no info and especially no bloodwork, we could easily come to a conclusion that may not be the right issue you are having... many issues can have similar type of side effects... what does that then mean??? WELL... you could attempt to treat a problem that does not even exist and could ultimately make it worse...

If you are not willing to do the protocols and sensical things necessary to be safe and run a cycle properly, you should not be using steroids whatsoever!


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Well said Dylan. Bloodwork really 8s the key and without it, its all speculation and guesswork


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Take estrogen for example......many of the side effects of high estrogen are the same as low estrogen. Without blood work, you can end up guessing and making the problem exponentially worse. Blood work is so important if you are going to use any type of PED's.