Bloodowrk for Radjay Test Cyp from Roids24

I think there are several great points that have been made by several members and here are my thoughts at random:
First off, Roids24 has been great with communication both at the time of purchase and then again recently and I truly don’t believe that there is intention to cheat anyone here. That being said, I still have bloodwork that shows there is some sort of issue. Perhaps it was a fluke with this single vial..........perhaps the issue is a little bigger than I said earlier, I try to keep positive and move on…..maybe Im a little weird there. Do I want replacement product? No. Why? There are a few reasons......when I first got my lab results, I immediately went into "damage control" mode and placed an order for more Test C from a different source. So, Ill have a fresh supply for a 3mo cycle and another 5mo of TRT. Also, like 44YOGearHead said, when one has an unfavorable experience he/she just wants to move on. Lastly, I'd rather not take replacement product simply because I want to make it clear that I have nothing to gain for posting this bloodwork. We have all heard of "that guy" that bitches about a product because he is hoping to get something from it for free. Ive tried to be transparent and honest and its worth a small loss if it means that people know that Im not in it for personal gain or to hurt someone's business. R24's offer to replace the Test C is courteous and how a business should respond when this happens, but I would be satisfied with just knowing that Ive provided some information that forum members find useful and that R24 may utilize in his business.
I think he right thing to do is for Roids24 to stop carrying Vermodje and Radjay. 1 Strike and you're out.
If I received questionable product and then was offered more to compensate me, it's almost a slap in the face. Like someone complaining of a hair in their food at a restaurant and instead of a refund, you get another dish with or without hair in. No dude.... ive lost my appetite
If I received questionable product and then was offered more to compensate me, it's almost a slap in the face. Like someone complaining of a hair in their food at a restaurant and instead of a refund, you get another dish with or without hair in. No dude.... ive lost my appetite

this 1000000%

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roids24 the proper procedure here would to admit the fuck up, simec lab test the radjay product with the same batch number as one of OP's, and give OP a refund, because now your wasting Dylan's time with this and this shit is the last thing he needs to be worrying about

Because i'll tell you one thing, these constant excuses are making you look sooooo much worse then just manning up to the fact Radjay could of had a bad batch, regardless if they are a "garbage or underground brand" or not, shit happens brother.

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Listen everyone, Roids24 is a great dude. He is foreign to our language so let's be reminded that his examples and sentences may not be the proper way of how WE would say something and understand it. There is so much iffy shit about this situation. 1. TexasTrash isn't a very active member so we don't full know what he has done as far as cycle wise (Not calling you a liar, but we've ALL seen liars on here) 2. How do we know you were even using ANY test? You could have been off for all we know. 3. I doubt radjay is completely bunk. I ran radjay sust and came back at 3k and everyone said that was legit. 4. Roids24 did the proper protocol and offered you a reimbursement of products rather than instantly fighting it. That is good customer service right there.

As for everyone else on this post bashing him, y'all defended Phurious to the death.. Now look at where he is. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. We don't know TexasTrash and we know that Roids24 has had little to NO issues with ANYONE here. Look at every angle first.

Hey Tex, question for you. And I only ask because I'm seriously considering TRT and have so many questions and concerns.
So basically you came off TRT with 10 weeks of low dose test or worst. Did you have a terrible crash?
Mood swings, depression, low energy, crash libido ?
What was your experience other than a bad blood test ?
And please don't take wrong way. I'm just asking cause I want to know how bad it must have been.
fucked up my order TWICE out of the 3 times i ordered

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What? I literally order HUGE orders (obviously) and I have never had a problem or a mess up by Roids24. One time a vial was crushed but that was due to the postal assholes. Other than that, everything has been correct.

A reseller has an obligation to sell legit products
In this case Radjay has been questioned
R24 needs to lab test it... tell Radjay they must pay for the testing
IF Radjay refuses... then R24 stops selling Radjay

To suggest replacement or refund for bunk product doesn't address the larger problem
Customers need to know they are receiving legit product
AA's responses are the exact reason I was reluctant to post in the first place. Im sorry that you dont remember me Alpha. It has indeed been awhile and there was another member (TexasTerror) that members often confused me for. I surely remember you though, including a few positive exchanges we had. I suppose I could take a moment to explain why you should trust my post, in fact I could post all of my bloodwork over the past few years but the truth is that your approach clearly leans toward the "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" and I believe that would do little. Obviously it could be more extreme (and maybe even justified a bit.......I do remember Dr B, Jake, etc) but it seems pretty clear that your mind is set. I can only hope that the rest of the forum members dont think in the same fashion. So, with that out the the way, Ill support R24 in his search (yes, he seems a decent dude) and Ill post what I know to be truth......members can use the info as they wish.

Vinni: I didnt have a dramatic crash per say but I would attribute that to my conservative protocol, perhaps the long ester, and to my mindset. As I said in an earlier post, some things went down last year and that is kind of when I went MIA. Overall I was feeling down but my mindset was that it was simply due to the circumstances. I didn't experience any mood swings but 2 things were apparent...........lower energy (again, attributed to personal circumstances) and my skin really cleared up. When I started TRT, I immediately broke out in a few places, nothing serious as Im not that acne prone, but always consistent. A number weeks ago, my wife even stared using my body scub because my skin was so much clearer and it was quite noticeable to her. I was going to add this information in my first post, but for those of you that remember me, you know that I am a scientist by nature/education/employment and I really didnt want to rely on subjective material like that just to support the bloodwork. Energy may have been lower but I lost no drive at the gym......In fact my gym time has increased quite a bit. Some of you know that when you are going through a tough time, the iron can be comforting. I hope that helps.
What will be suitable and fair is this... 2-3 people that run radjay test from R24 but NO reps, NO other company reps, NOONE that has any interest in anything whatsoever except normal posting... I want NOONE that could be misconstrued as anything of the sort FOR OR AGAINST R24... Im beyond of kid games, he said she said, so and so is for this or against this, all of this kid shit, its fucking over, period... You guys sit here and complain about keeping it as safe as possible with sources, well this is the only way to do it... So if we can get that lined up then so be it.. If not, then everyone can all start voting on whether he stays or goes.. Those are THE TWO and ONLY TWO options... R24 HAS been here a long time and NOONE is going to be perfect along the way so after this much time, any of this could happen but on the flip side, this is the second time things he has said have been rather insulting towards others... granted, there is a language barrier so there could be a misinterpretation and out of fairness, i can give the benefit of the doubt but also, i still find it bothersome... Im not going to sit here and deal with this and bull shit drama daily... IM NOT FUCKING DOING IT... so i leave to you guys TODAY to figure out YOUR comfort level and what you feel is fair and appropriate and IF there is no decision, I'll make my own... im not dealing with it beyond that... PERIOD
I have Test E from Vermodje and Radjay I can test if I get reimbursed for the testing kit. I will post a 100% unedited full video of the test

I have unopened Radjay Test-E but it will be a while before I run. I'll be happy to do that but won't be for months. Is there a way to test the product ?
I'll gladly send Dylan or Rick and unopened bottle.
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