Blood Work Results


Here is a few I felt were important to share and everything came in within normal ranges minus my cholesterol and estradiol.

This is 1 week after finishing pct:

Total Test - 515
Free Test - 134
Estradiol - 36 (slightly over)
FSH - 2.6
LH - 3.6
Progesterone - <0.5
Red Blood Count - 5.9 (slightly over)

How does this look as far as recovery?

I had libido issues on and off recently but now looking at this, I still think its mental.

Oddly I never had libido issues before. I just became less interested in sex after each cycle I have run (total of 3).
we dont know because you are not supposed to do bloods until 4-6 weeks after... this wont be accurate as of now right after pct...
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