Blood Work Interpretations................Really Confused! Please Help


Ok so now I am really confused. As my previous posts depict, I WAS ready and contemplating my next cycle but recent bloodwork results have me extremely bamboozled.

So my last bloodwork test was performed on 8-1-18 , which was approximatley 3 weeks after completing ptc.

View attachment BR results 2 (1).pdf

Just for safe measures I have decided to take another labtest at a different facility, still using Private Md labs. Test was taken on 8/27/18 seen below.

View attachment Blood work 8-28 (1).pdf

As one can see, my estrogen lvls have almost doubled and my Test has dropped by approximately 20%.

I highly doubt mismanagement of test samples form the labs. Does anyone have any logical explanations? I have been clean for 2.5 months now, diet and sleep in check. The only thing I could think of was maybe the fact that I began using cbd oil around 8-5-16, and have been using it every day since then . Granted, I have read a few articles and studies online and some seem contradictive while others fail to mention hormone lvls other than the fact that this oil may reduce or cause weight gain.

Furthermore, I have also noticed that I am holding excess watar weight but at this point , who knows.
Also, for what its worth, my sex drive is still consistent and active , so I have yet to experience any effects on my libido...


400 mg test only cycle 12 weeks

pct 4 weeks = clomid /nolva and AI 1.2mg twice a week because if I used AI more often it would drop my estogen below 20


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yes seems strange to me to have that much change... did you take the test in the morning both times?


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You ,I tht be having some estrogen rebound after coming off pct which will raise estrogen and cause your test to drop a bit as a result. Low dose some AI for a couple weeks and retest


Yes ok course but like I said I would only use aromisin at 12.5 mg about 2 times a week because if I used it anymore it would lower my estrogen lvls below 20