Best Way to Avoid Painful Knot in my Ass


I started pinning 1ml of Robo masteron and it's not too bad, and it's not every pin maybe every other pin. But it's bigger than golf ball size and it hurts at that annoying level, not too bad but it still sucks. Maybe I'm pinning too quickly or something, but what to the veterans do to minimize this shit. Thx
What length pin are you using? Sounds like a Sub Q injection. Make sure it's going all the way down to muscle.

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Yeah sounds like it my be pocketing. I use a 1.5" on glutes to get deep in muscle. Inject in slowly like at least a count to 10 then massage it for about a minute. Ashort walk might help too.
1.5" pin
Heat up the oil and make sure its warm when going in.
Slowly inject.
Ive had those golf balls in my ass b4 and its not freaking fun.
Warm baths and ibuprofen.

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You should always pin slow bro. Inject that oil slowly and it really brings down pip big time. Injecting fast can defnitely cause more pip
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