Best Time for Bloodwork on cycle


Hi guys, I have been researching and there is alot of info about various curves for test values in your
system by day after injection (for here I am referring to long esters like test E, C). And I know everyone
varies in their own body chemistry to a degree, etc.

Here is my question. What is the "normal" or "typical" time you draw bloods after pin to get your values
pre/mid/post cycle?

For me, I know we can go back and forth by my baseline values for TRT are done day 4 after pin (i.e. pin
200mg test cyp Friday and draw blood Tues). I do this to be further down on the curve and keep
test values within high/normal to keep TRT supply with my doc (he recommends 2 day wait).

Thanks in advance. I just wanted to plan this one right for upcoming summer blast so when I do get
numbers I can share and contribute to this community here at isarms.

I assume you are mainly asking about mid cycle blood test as your pre and post would just be TRT.
Depends on if you are aiming for a peak or trough result.

For a mid cycle test you would want to find your peak levels then pull blood about 36-48 hours post pin.

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