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Best/Safest place to buy true cardarine or stenabolic?


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Newbie here. you all help me with all
my questions and concerns so far and this 45 year old hockey player that wants to stay as fit as possible for as long as possible is getting ready to try cardarine.
Im thinking of buying from proven peptides as im looking to make sure i get real cardarine not some crap like pro hormone sold as cardarine. Im reading alot of fakes out there not only is that wrong but can ve dangerous taking something thinking its something else.
I see
is this where i can feel safe im getting the correct stuff? Thank You in advance


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proven peptides is the worst site you could go with... they also bought sarmsx and have been acting as though its the real sarmsx, which closed two years ago... you can search the forum and see all the negative shit that has happened to people using their products... is who i would recommend for you