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Hello, I am new around here and have been doing some browsing. My main goals as of now are to cut fat while simultaneously building muscle mass. I had originally intended on just bulking to gain as muscle muscle as possible however it seems using AAS for a bulk is not advised unless you're at a lower bf % . I was thinking about using Sarms to do a cut but I was hoping to simultaneously build muscle while doing so. I was wondering if you anybody could point me in the right direction or give me some advice regarding which SARMs to take and how long etc. I would greatly appreciate it and PMs are welcome. Thank you.
It depends on your bf%. It's very hard to gain a significant amount of muscle in a caloric deficit. It's very minimal... It takes a lot of food to build muscle. Please post your full stats.

I am 25. I'm approx 5'10 and 175lbs. I'd estimate between 15-20% bf. I've been lifting for several years, mainly to maintain strength. However I'm rather self conscious about my size and would like to put on more muscle, the only reason why I decided I might need to cut is so I could do an actual cycle with test e, because the muscle mass gains would be better and that's my main concern. The majority of my muscle is in my legs because I used to do track and play soccer and I did a lot of leg workouts back in the day and on the contrary my upper body seems to be lacking which is why I'd like to bulk and fill in. If cutting isn't necessary I'd much rather do a pure bulk. Thank you.
"It's very hard to gain a significant amount of muscle in a caloric deficit."


Trying to do both at the same time is a bad idea and just suggests both ignorance and impatience to me. In this game you've got to see exercise and nutrition as lifelong commitments if you want significant results.
Its possible to do both(minimally) when u first start lifting but if you're just starting to lift, even sarms shouldn't be option yet.
at your body fat, your focus right now should be cutting down first and THEN going for a recomp... this is a step by step process... if you try to force things when you are not properly conditioned, you will never get anywhere...
If you've been lifting to "maintain strength" yet want to get bigger you clearly need to re-evaluate what you're doing. IMO you should not be cutting if you dont have muscle. If you get your diet in check and lift seriously you will make gains
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I’d first suggest addressing your diet which needs work. You are likely eating far too little and all the wrong stuff. If you’re interested in help in this area let me know.
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