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Beginner Cycle


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Hello Dylan,

I have never used steroids before but I have ordered Winstrol for myself and Primobolan for my girlfriend who will also be a first time user - both of us are opting for IM dosing because our research has shown it to be more effective, as well as, easier on the liver.

We are both avid lifters and have been at it for over a decade myself and about five years for her. We are well aware of the possible side effects and are prepared to take the plunge and accept any consequences that may occur. (Neither of us is prone to acne and neither of us are balding or have a balding gene in the family but are aware that this does not mean those affects will not happen to us.)

From what I’ve read I was planning on doing a six week cycle of Winstrol starting with 25mg A day for the first week to see how my body reacts, if I feel good jumping it up to 40mg a day for week two and then 50mg a day for the remainder of the cycle. So it would look something like this:

Week 1: 175mg
Week 2: 280mg
Weeks 3-6: 350mg

Can I have your thoughts and advice on this? Also what is your advice for PCT? I have already ordered Nolvadex because I wasn’t going to run a cycle without something on hand for a PCT but I saw your video about pairing it with Clomid, which went on to pair it with several other drugs, do you think this will be necessary for a beginner like myself running a limited cycle? A beginner Nolvadex cycle I found on one of the forums was a four week cycle using only Nolvadex at 40mg a day for week one, 20mg a day for weeks 2 and 3 and 10mg a day for week 4. Can I have your thoughts on this as well?

Lastly do you have a beginner Primobolan cycle with dosages you could recommend for my girlfriend who again would be a first time steroid user like myself but is no novice to lifting and is in very good shape as is, but like myself being 27 would like to see what we can push our bodies to while we are still in our physical Prime`. She was going to do her own research but she has gotten somewhat overwhelmed with all the different info out there and would love some advice. Also does she need to run a PCT as well? And do you have a recommendation on what that might look like.

I understand you’re probably quite busy but any advice for us would be greatly appreciated, even just some links to sites that you trust for info to further educate ourselves.

Thank you so much for your time please keep up the great videos!


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i never advise anyone to run oral only cycles that is a male... very ignorant type of cycle and nothing i want anything to do with advising...

do you have oral or injectable primo?

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Oral only cycles are not advised. You can run 250mg of test with your Winny and now we’re talking.

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