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Been a while.. Sarms Cycle Update and Future Plans/Advise Needed


It's been a while since I've posted but I've been lurking here and there trying to keep up. Life got very busy so I couldn't maintain the SARMS log I wanted to over the past few months. Last time I posted I mentioned I would be doing a pure sarms cycle of LGD,S4, GW and MK. It went beautifully. I've ran the Ostarine and Cardarine with test in the past and really liked it so I wanted to add S4 and LGD to see what kind of effects I could see compared to running test. As it turns out I was able to maintain most of my PR's I had gained a few months prior on my Test/GW/MK/tbol cycle and even able to slightly increase my Deadlift. I was able to maintain all of my size and continue to do so weighing around 215-217lbs.

I had no sides from the s4 and felt great throughout the entire 12 weeks. All of my minor nagging issues I had accumulated over the previous peeking cycle for power lifting (Test, GW, MK) have healed and i'm feeling healthy as an ox. I would absolutely run a pure SARMS cycle again, especially if the goal is recomp and more of a bodybuilding focus, which is what this past 3 months was. This is mainly because when I run test, the only goal is going to be strength. Everything else is a bonus.

This brings me to my question for the next cycle. I want to run a test, deca cycle. I'm not looking to take a high dose of deca. It will be my first time using deca. I'm mainly looking to take it for the joint support while on cycle and to see how I respond. I have always had knee issues and as long as I'm power lifting will have minor problems with other joints. Here's what I was thinking:

Test 1-12: 350mg
Deca 1-10: 125mg
GW 1-12: 20mg p/day

I've read on the forums many different means of running deca. I wanted opinions on whether this dose would be too low to gain much benefit or if this dose would be a good starting point.

Recap of my stats:
~12-13% bf
Lifting experience: 15 years

Thanks fellas,


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you should not run deca solely for the purpose of joint pain... its only a band aid to your wound and its going to leave you worse off than when you started when you discontinue it... mk2866 will provide REAL healing for you as will mk677...