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Baseball Players who Have Taken Sarms Please Answer


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I am a baseball player who has done a 8 week cycle of LGD4033. I found that after this cycle that my performance on the field dropped off dramatically. I began swinging and missing more often and dropping balls in the outfield. I ordered from a legit source and got legit LGD. My vision seems normal but I am wondering if there is some underlying thing that is messing up my vision and causing me to play so bad. Baseball players who have taken sarms: did you find it harder to hit or catch after your cycle? What did you take? Did you feel your vision was affected at all?



I played 2 years of juco ball then finished up at a D2 school, all in Oklahoma. Back then I had never heard of SARMs or prohormones until some guys came in from the off season much more jacked than the year before, one of them put me onto SARMs from a local supplement shop. I would venture to say they probably were not legit but I was young, dumb, ignorant, and chasing a pipe dream.