Banned Nutrition New Product Nutrozol 677 Review


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Just received this product in the mail from Banned Nutrition... And boy can i say I am HIGHLY impressed with this ingredient list, they are doing some great things over there at Banned Nutritions and am a firm believer that their products are key to every cycle and PCT for maximum results. This products key is HGH support (which i have no doubt about from looking at these ingredients, truly amazing all in one product!!) and a sleep aid. Just from using for 2 days already, i already feel a great sense of well being and i have never slept better, been taking the recommended dose of 3 capsules before bed and am having some of the best sleep. I will take this for the next 28 days and will he updating this thread when complete!
Highly impressed with banned nutrition on this one, a must get product.






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Glad to hear the sleep aid is working for you. That is one of the things I am looking forward too.
Look forward to the rest of your opinions on this product.
Thanks for doing this and taking the time to inform all of us.


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right now there is nowhere to buy banned nutrition products... i have access to a few cardazol but thats it for now