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Hello Dylan, When I was new at this cycleing I didn't have access to all of your advice. I paid AUD $ 250 for my first jar of Test E. I was told by this person to take 250 mg twice a week. Nothing about Aromasin and PCT. I know it sounds crazy but that was all I took besides all of the vitamins, after gym protein shake for my first two cycles then I saw the light. Now I use Aromasin in Test cycles of Test E 500mg a week only and 1 500mg of Test E and RAD140. My last cycle was Test E 500mg a week and 50 mg eod of Tren A. I had been using Aromasin after the first 2 cycles and I used Caber for the Tren.
The blood test said higher Bad Cholesterol and lower Good cholesterol.
I have never had high blood pressure or water retention or any Gyno issues at 500mgs of Test E only Cycles. I was taking 12.5 mg twice a week for the Test.
Would it be possible to stop all Aromasin ? For cholesterol issues I am
going to Drop the Test E down to 250 mg divided into two separate doses of 125 mg twice per week and 50 mg eod of Tren A.
How does the Test E and Tren A ratio sound?
Or could you please tell me of a Test P and Tren A cycle ratio?
I'm would like to build 5kg of Muscle and loose a bit of fat around the stomach. I train 6 mornings a week and I have a Diet made for me and my Goals.
I am over Forums with all the conflicting advice so I come to you to cut through the B.S.
I am not good with computers. I am 55 years young.
Thank you for your time, patience and Guidance.


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what are your full stats? age/height/weight/body fat? how many cycles have you ran? are you saying you ran tren on your second cycle?

if you have cholesterol issues you should NOT be using steroids, ESPECIALLY NOT TREN man...


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In for stats.

OP; 5KG of muscle does't happen in ONE cycle and losing fat comes from diet & cardio. Make sure you understand how steroids work before using them.