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Curious on people's preference on aromasin, capsules or tabs? And at what week would you start stop?
I've been suggested everything from 1-12 weeks, 2-12, 4-12, 1-10

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Personally, and this is only me, I use it e3d or eod if I'm running higher than normal test. Depends on your body and how sensitive you are to the compounds that you are running. Luckily I don't have a lot of problems with gyno and aromatization, but I know a lot of guys that do. I have a friend who gets gyno really bad if he looks at a bottle of test and doesn't take it eod. There are others here who may disagree but that's what works for me. I just watch how I feel and keep an eye on my bloods.

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I would run it till the very end, even in PCT incase of rebound.. and start the very first day, no point in waiting until you develop estrogen sides when you can prevent them from day 1. just my .02

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Run it from Day 1 and continue it throughout PCT. Obviously keep an eye on the bloods and estrogen related sides and adjust the dose as needed but a good starting point is 12.5eod


Pretty much what everyone else has said. I start it day one and keep it going through PCT. I like liquid vs capsule or tabs. It just seems to work better for me. I take it a night before bed EOD.

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I like tabs. The kind I got now is easy to split.

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I start from day one. Prevention is better than treatment

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