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Are Elite Sarms Australia legit? Any reviews?


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Hi guys.
Ive recently run a sarms cycle for 12 weeks
GW, S4 and MK. I ordered all 3 from elite sarms Australia -

I put on weight during the cycle but did look leaner so im happy with that I also put on 1kg of muscle.
Since coming off them ive gone from 19% body fat down to 14% . So I feel as if maybe i was holding a fair amount of fluid while I was using them. I feel a lot tighter since coming off. After doing some research some people said if you get fluid retention they are fake. So now im a little worried about using elite again.
Has anyone else used this aus supplier?


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ive had several complaints on them this year... SEVERAL.. so i cant recommend them to you whatsoever


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It's nothing I would trust or use. Spending time on this site, you should know who you can trust for high quality legit sarms


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SHIT! I wish i had seen this sooner. I've got 4 bottles on the way (LGD 4033 x2 & S4 x2) Ill bin them and try again, thanks for the info guys! Legends!