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So we all know anavar doesn't have a good rep here, but I recently ran across an actual Dr, who sheds some medical light on var. Very interesting read. His name is Dr Todd Lee md, has a few degrees, went to med school to be a medical Dr, studied to become a Neuro surgeon and went on into sports medicine afterwards..he also competes. He has YouTube channel n such if anyone is interested he also linked actual medical studies, human trails,fda information ect if you want to explore deeper..anavar might be an unknown tapped research..judge for yourself.

Anavar: Greatest Drug Ever?

2 years ago

By Todd Lee M.D.

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Let’s Play Make Believe

Like a Knight in Shining armor Anavar is a woman’s best friend!
Let’s pretend there was a magical potion that could stop the wasting effects of Aids. It could heal burn victims in half the time. It could cut surgical recovery time in half. A magical elixir so safe on the liver it is used to TREAT liver problems. It permanently burns fat, permanently builds muscle, and makes you look better. Now what if we weren’t playing make believe, A magical panacea such as this did exist, and its name was Anavar.

Unfortunately the frightened peasants attacked poor Anavar for the alleged crimes of its brethren. With torches and pitchforks the frightened peasants emboldened by the immaculate opinions of news casters and ignorant soccer moms stormed the king’s palace and demanded blood. And poor Anavar was destroyed….

Now is a bright new era, for the hypocrites need Anavar’s help! So our knight in shining armor has been resurrected. It’s new incarnation is known as Oxandrin.

What The Hell am I Talking About?

Anavar was a miracle drug used for so many healing purposes. Most western medicine is just an expensive bandaid, not fixing anything, just masking symptoms for an enormous price. But Anavar could actually heal injuries, burns, regrow lost muscle to Aids victims. But you see, Anavar is a steroid. And not just any steroid, but an oral steroid.

Oral steroids are know for being extra bad. The are supposed to be really bad for your liver and supposed to shut down natural testosterone production. But not Anavar. Anavar is so safe on the liver at reasonable doses that the FDA actually approved it for TREATING Liver disease. Think about it for a minute. If the worst thing a steroid can supposedly do is mess up your liver and even the super anal and cowardly FDA approved it for ON LABEL treatment of alcoholic hepatitis, the most common liver problem… bad could it be?

Instead of crushing natural testosterone production it actually mildly suppress it, but get this: after you stop, LH and natural testosterone levels rise higher than before!

I bet you think Anavar is to good to be true right? It’s only the third inning, grab a beer and enjoy the show. Anavar can cut burn healing time in half in patients with 40% or more of their body burned. Having surgery? With Anavar you can heal twice as quickly. Want to lose fat? Anavar burns fat directly and indirectly, and the fat stays off for months even without diet or exercise. This includes the life threatening visceral fat. Anavar builds muscle directly and the muscle gains were permanent in tested subjects.

Here Is The Problem

So the people who know a good drug when they see one are bodybuilders. They capitalized on the other benefits of Anavar. Aside from building muscle, cutting recovery time in half, and burning fat it has other more specific strengths. It increases strength and it doesn’t aromatase, so it dosn’t turn to into estrogen. This means your skin shrink wraps around your muscles if your super lean due to not having water in your skin from estrogen bloat. That, and the fact that it is the safest steroid ever made, is why Anavar is popular with women as well. A super low dose (5 mg, 1/10th a male dose) will help women, but won’t turn them into guys like most other steroids. Over 20 mg will. It also inhibits cortisol, aromatase, SHBG, and other pro fat, anti muscle hormones. It really is as close to perfect as it gets.

The Tragic Death of Anavar

In the ‘80s there was the steroids in baseball nonsense. And as usual the people with the least education make the decisions. The country at large acted like steroids were Satan’s personal creation and damned them and any who used them to maximum security prison. Searle, feared an angry mob of frightened peasants would storm their corporate office for daring to make a ‘Steroid’. Despite it being one of the best medicines ever created, Searle stopped production out of this fear.

A New Hope

Now that those same frightened peasants are aging and need erections TRT (steroids) is all the rage. Who cares about hypocrisy right? Oxandrin is Anavar with a new name by a different company. Just like a parent telling a 5 year old that their dog that was run over “Is in doggy heaven now” doctors tell their patients who they prescribe testosterone and Anavar they are on ‘TRT and Oxandrin’.

To me, this is a fantastic drug. I’m glad its back in production.


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Todd Lee M.D. Coaching
Have ran Var at high dose before, tanked HDL and elevated liver enzymes. I looked good as hell though lol. Never running it again.
I don't know why everyone here hates it so much. It has a higher rating than Tbol. My best guess is because it's often faked or under dosed.
I've yet to try it, so I have no formal opinion..but this particular veiw is way different from others, so I'll have to try it myself one day n see.
ive ran it four times, four different sources, DEFINITELY not take and never had anything worth a shit come from it... it sucks period... the ONE thing i can say for it is if you do have stubborn fat areas (not fat ass areas) but like in your lower abs where its really difficult to lose that last little layer covering your abs... it can help get that off so for some, that might be worth it alone but for me, for the minimal amount you get from it, for the bull shit pumps and elevated liver and blood pressure, no thanks for me... its pointless... if im getting sides, why would i ever use that over winstrol? or tbol? however, to each their own and if someone likes it, then by all means... i just dont see it being worth it... it has some capabilities, ive said that but my main disdain for it is this thinking its some miraculous fat loss drug which it is not... its just extremely overrated.. it HAS been exaggerated just how shitty it is because of being so overrated so its a counter to that... on my personal list though, the only thing i would run below it is dbol but EVERYONE has different likings etc and thats the way it should be... thats why we have options...
Yup definitely some food for thought..I never realized it was used medically like that..I'm gonna try it one day lol. Dbol sucks to me and drol is too strong. Winny is pretty good to me..I haven't tried tbol yet either..but all in due time!
Yup definitely some food for thought..I never realized it was used medically like that..I'm gonna try it one day lol. Dbol sucks to me and drol is too strong. Winny is pretty good to me..I haven't tried tbol yet either..but all in due time!
for sure brother... fuck, just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean you won't and vice versa... im all about people doing whatever is best for them, not just what i like. i just always give my thoughts and experiences to help but you have to try for yourself...
Ran Anavar from Robo once. I liked it but for the price point and results I'd rather stick with Tbol.

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