Anavar Question??


Hey Guys hope all is well!!

Actually asking this question for a close friend of mine who is a female and to be quite honest not very familiar with the protocols when coming to running a females cycle....

At any rate, my friend is 51 in incredible shape, dont know her exact stats , but she is 5'6" 125 lbs and ripped to the gills, for real...

She has never ran gear before and is interested in basically using her game a bit....Now I have heard that Anavar works extremely well for woman but my question (well have a few)

Can she run Var on its own, or does she need to use Test as a base?

If she does need to use test as a base, what would be the proper amount?

If not, what would be the proper way to cycle on Var, how many weeks, milligrams and so forth?

also and im sure this is necessary, what would be the proper PCT protocols for her?

And yesssss, I am doing research in looking at Dyans Videos this week as far as Sarms for her.....

As always guys thank you so much in advance, as i aways say, this is the ONLY forum I trust to get real answers from!


As Always Dylan I could never thank you enough for all your help and wisdom brother! You are the Man! Im actually going to be ordering 6 bottles of you Orga ST by the end of this month!!!

thank you Brother!!!