Anavar and the kidneys


I know that the C17 AA is know to be an issue with the liver due to by pass but I have had some numbers rthat were moderate out of range on anavar wo the use of any other gear aside from test and mast with some sarms . Is there like a standard of how far out of range your numbers should typically be on anavar ? The doctor is just going to tell me it’s out of range and let’s investigate why (we al know why ) I just want to know if there is any scientific or anecdotal evidence that supports a standard of what is a normal range on anavar as far as kidney and liver function tests go? Maybe this is a stupid sounding question for someone that has run cycles for a while but I am always learning every day and try to make sure I make the best use of my body and what I put into it. Thank you for your feedback
unfortunately any number out of range is gonna mean your kidneys are under pressure

the longer this happens the shorter your life most likely
bros you need n2guard with anavar for both kidneys and liver
everyone gets affected differently based on so many PERSONAL scenarios within their own body... IMPOSSIBLE to tell you how far off you will be... theres WAY too many factors aside from what i just said... you want a psyhchic and as far as i know, there's none on the forum... none i know of...
Anavar is toxic and can have a negative impact on kidneys amongst other organs however to what degree is rather difficult to predict. It can hit some far worse than others but as Dylan said, there are too many factors there to know how much it can negatively effect you
Anavar is 17-AA. Not sure if that is what you meant or if that was a misunderstanding. Yes it is a "mild" steroid but still liver toxic.
Thanks again everyone
Just to clarify I was not asking how much I would be specifically effected. Rather what is typical of the kind of effects that Anavar has on one’s blood work and if there is any general rather then specific rule of thumb as to what is a normative deviation in blood work values that is considered an acceptable as a general rule for that drug.
Again not looking for someone to tell me MY values . I totally understand everything is user dependent when it comes to the individuals specific risks and how they will be effected. But there are general guidguidelines for how drugs effect our blood work to some degree even the most individual things like estrogen which is so very individual and can be quite tricky and requires carful and consistent blood work to see how each person responds to an AI….eg some AI have been shown to decrease Estrogen by certain %at certain time and dose dependent intervals.

hopefully that helps clairify that I was not looking for a psychic 😂. Thank you all for your feedback ! Always try to learn as much as I can every day.
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