Anavar 12 week cycle bloodwork results


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Hey dylan.. im that dumbass a couple weeks back that ran anavar for 12 weeks.. my blood test came back normal except for the liver damage.. which frightens me... i know im a dumbass but i just return in hopes you can help me not die.. AST was 103 recommended according to the paper was 10-40 .. ALT was 153.. recommended was 9-46... what should i do to fix myself.. please i beg for help.. returning the message on this new thread since i dont know how to access the previous one..

Also side note.. on 500 test right now .. did eq for 2 weeks but stopped..was planning to just stick to test for now unless you advise otherwise
That's not really bad considering the circumstances. Get some DGA Organ ST on, take a break, and get bloodwork before running any orals again.
Thanks for helping brother.. my lab was justice4all and my bench went from 295 - 340 went from about 25% bodyfat to 13% measured by my gym.. 195 to 180.. overhead press went from 170 to 205
Choline and Inosital 3000 mg a day for a couple weeks help flush fatty lipids from the liver.
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