Anastrozole vs. letrozole


I need an AI based on my latest blood work, but I?m not too educated on the difference between anastrozole and letrozole. Can someone please give me some info on them and why one may be better/worse than the other as well as dosing recommendations? My estrogen isn?t crazy high. I just need to knock it down a little bit
Need more info... What was the reason for your blood work? Cycle? TRT? Post cycle? What are you estrogen level results?
TRT. My estrogen was 55. The high end of the range is 60. I know it?s not out of range but it?s normally not that high so I was thinking I need to bring it down a bit
Arimidex or Aromasin

Arimidex 0.5mg twice a week
Aromasin 12.5mg twice a week

For TRT purposes

I like my estrogen around 35
Yeah I?m normally around 40 but I?ve been trying pinning every day and I?m thinking that the more steady raised testosterone levels had also raised my estrogen
letro is not anything that you need to even be considering right now.. aromasin is what you need right now... aromasin and arimidex are the two aromatase inhibitors you would generally consider... 55 is high... generally most like to be in the high 20's or lower 30's... you do need to get it down... you can get your aromasin at
Aromasin as stated above and letro is only for anti-gyno protocols or for guys with high levels of estrogen conversion. Other than that I wouldnt touch it its just too powerful.
I would not be using an AI right now. You are using PEDs and estrogen is still in the normal range. Be careful not to crash it because it will kill your dick and libido.
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