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Anabolic/androgenic ratio side effects


This is something I'm a little confused about and would appreciate if somebody could clear up for me. Testosterone is 100%anabolic and 100% androgenic and trenbolone is 500&500 so tren is 5x as potent as test and also 5x as harsh with side effect?

Also winstrol is 320%anabolic and 30% androgenic, so does this mean that winstrol is 3x as anabolic as test but with 70% less androgenic side effects?? ( I know you have to run an oral along side test )
But I'm just trying to work this anabolic to androgenic ratio.

So for instance if I did anavar which has 400%anabolic to 24% androgenic activity compared to say turinabol to which is 180% anabolic 50% androgenic, then on paper anavar wins by a mile in case of results to side effects.
From what I've seen and heard on this forum this couldn't be wrong. So if somebody could clear this up for I'd really appreciate it.many thanks

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The ratios you mention are correct however that doesn't always reflect users real world experience, anavar being a case in point. On the other hand people feel that the tren ratios do reflect both the power and sides of this steroid.


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A/A ratios don't really mean a lot when it comes to results. For instance you look at the anabolic androgenic ratio of Halotestin is 1900/850 and it produces pretty much zero muscle gains. The anabolic rating of anavar is high as hell (322-630) and it's one of the weakest orals you can use.


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The ratios do not translate into real life results in a linear way. They are only to be used as a general guide. Rick gave you some great examples of why.


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a lot of people get confused with ratios but i assure you, they do not translate to real world results... the facts rick gave you, especially with halotestin say it all.. you cannot base what you expect to get from a compound off of those numbers or you will only be more confused... it doesn't translate that way