Amp breaker/opener suggestions (For Pregnyl Amps)


Been looking around and finding all sorts of options, but curious if anyone here could recommend a good breaker/opener for small amps at a good price. Not sure if I want to just score it and break, risking glass shards. Sounds like a royal bitch...
Just look around at some of the accessory shops. Most of the time, the shops that sell pins, sharps containers, and vials will have amp openers too.
Amp openers are pretty general. Most will get the job done just fine. Just look around the sites you get your other supplies at and pick one.
I just grab a cloth and wrap it. Give it a push and plink. Glass shards should really be a concern. If it was, so many companies wouldn't use amps.

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I used to use a jewelers file and score it just a bit. Amp neck will snap right off.
I hate fucking with amps. What a pain in the fucking ass

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Here's what I do works perfect every time keeping the spot on the amp toward you hope this helps

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