Amount of calories vs total weekly calorie count ?


So lately I have been think about my calorie maintenance. So for me and my size I need to have a average of 2900 calories a day . I have cut down my work outs last month and will continue through this month to give my body the rest it has been asking for due to going hard over the years and last cycle . I plan to start my next cycle in December.
So let's say I have to have 2900 a day of quality calories but I'm not hitting those 2900 each day but on some days I make up for that count? So by the end of the week I still average out 2900 will that be the same as having 2900 each day will it help or hurt .
Was just a thought I been kicking around .

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Consistency bro... My personal experience is everything has to be consistent to make consistent gains if that is what you are looking to do.

Just like when you take aas or sarms. The timing has to be there and so does consistency. If you take a shot today and take another 3 weeks from now there is no benefit whatsoever.
I agree with that brother right now I'm looking to just hold my line of size to give my body a break from training. I usually eat consistently and train daily . But I have cut back to three days a week last month and plan to as well this month . You know how it is eating is a full time job was seeing if I could find a mental break from it as well

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