Am I ready for Primobolan?


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With beach season slowly approaching... Would I benefit from primo? How long does the aesthetic effects last? Should I cruse through Summer on it?

60 yr old
169 lb
12% BF
5 years of weight training and cardio
10 months on TRT 200mg/week (sustanon) plus 250mcg B12
my goal is simply quality of life
type II diabetic


13 sec video of my outdoor gym
Primo is a nice mild drug, and i think would be a decent choice for you and your goals. Run it 600mg per week for 16 weeks then go back to your 200mg TRT afterwards
Not a bad choice.
Nice physique for your age, maybe try to work chest a little more so it’s more proportioned with the rest of your body.

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yes, you can definitely go with primo.. it a great option for you.. 500-600 mg week, 12-14 weeks
Thanks. I agree about my flat chest. I suspect it might be genetic for I do work at them pecs.

Not a big deal, still look very good for your age. Very impressive.

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