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Hey y’all. Here is a question I’m going to get A LOT of hate for. Which I deserve so feel free to get mad, but someone has to ask it.

I have just finished a 2 month bulk stack, went from 91kg->100kg, here are some before and afters; (height is 174cm or 5ft 8.5)


The bulk stack was as follows;
400mg tren enth/wk
750mg test sust/wk
Mk677 (mostly to enable more food down the hatch) @25mg/d
Hgh @4iu 4 days a week.

Fairly happy with the results, especially the strength. Flat Bench went from 140 for 3 to 140 for 10, and 160 for 2 to 160 for 5 and a 1rm of 180!

I have to get this off my chest. I have been ON for the past 7 months. 3 bulk months, 2months cut, and now 2 months bulk. I don’t do pct. I don’t do trt (although I was on trt 200mg/wk prior to the past 7 months) I don’t rest. 6x/wk training and relentless force feeding/ dieting when on cut with 1hr daily cardio.

This was my physique prior to all that-

I have big ambitions of one day stepping on stage and doing my best. If it’s not obvious willing to sacrifice it all for this. A life without bodybuilding is a life not worth living for me. I have now stopped and am taking a mandatory 8 weeks off.

What are y’all thoughts on bieng ON always. It’s seemingly impossible to find out what the big name bodybuilders are doing (except the lying ones like Lee Priest that say 400mg test and 20mg Winnie hahaha like wtf in what universe) are they always on? Any experience from y’all on doing this? My main concern (outside the health obviously) is the tolerance build up, leading to my gains diminishing… is it really that profound, will I make more gains bieng always on or taking 8 week breaks here and there.

I’m ready for the hate, I deserve it 🥲😅
i mean, thats your call, its your life dude... just understand you are only taking years off your life... so if its really worth it to you then thats on you.. hating on you for what you decided to do is for the overly sensitive and self righteous... the facts are, you are just going to have a much shorter life span so if you are okay with that then you do you... also, understand, you dont just keep making gains.. you should do some research on myostatin... essentially what you are doing is not only going to shorten your life but you are not going to keep making gains either... thats not how it works...
Yeah I’m with DG on the bashing thing that’s not my deal either -
The cycle itself is not bad aside from not coming off and the high as fuck test and don’t see any mention of an AI like caber for all that tren (idk why you started with something so harsh ) shooting your prolactin up ,or adex or aromasin for all that test .

I say this as someone who has been doing this for quite a while and did things like you when I was your age (I did not have the wealth of knowledge you do here at your fingertips)

Do the pct protocol as laid out on this website and get your Hpta working again. I understand the allure of your dreams and being big and muscular AF-every guy wants to be you and every girl wants you -it’s intoxicating. BUT THE PRICE FOR TO DO THIS AT YOUR AGE IS SO HIGH and because of your age you don’t fully conceptualize the consequences of your actions. No one does until they are at least 25 this is a scientific fact -I mean this only in the sense that our judgement is not fully developed until then not as an insult or a free pass to do whatever we all have some degree of common sense some less than others.

At 22-unless you suffer from something like hypogonadism,your test should be sky high -keep doing what your doing and your looking at a lifetime of sticking yourself, infertility, ED, hair loss , and that’s just the light shit. Cardiac arrest , kidney failure-death. Don’t get me wrong I support the use of anabolics but not the abuse and certainly never in someone so young. You will bounce back fast most likely if you stop now. You can still live you dreams just let yourself develop more naturally for a little and let your muscles mature. That’s my suggestion but only you can decide.

As to your question I would posit that most pros probably consider the cycle you just posted as their down time. Anyone I ever talked to who competed at the highest levels were taking thousands upon thousands of mg of many different anabolics and so much high you would have to rob a bank once a month just to afford it. Then there is trainers you have to pay and the cost of food is astronomical.

My suggestion is unless your independently wealthy and never want kids and care little for how much time you have on this earth to bring this whole thing to a grinding halt.

Start some kind of fight sport -I got such a kick out competition you may find you like that too ! Not even big muscles blow your head up like knocking someone the fuck out ! And it won’t cost you your life or your nuts (at least not likely) .
Staying on will actually set you back because your myostatin will stay through the roof. Ypu need to be at homeostasis every now and then tp bring myostatin down and get gains rolling again.
I also don't follow all recommendations... but I do regular cycles n stay as close as possible... Most lie so it's hard to believe anything they say about there cycles... ex pros I mean... the closest I heard that seemed more honest... Ronnie Coleman, said he cycled 7 months on... 5 off
..... he's not doing so well... but he over did squats...

Idk about his 5 months off either lol.

It's why I like the info here... a few really good knowledgeable guys.

But there's a few here as well that advise you for harm. Do you... the asvice is here...

Not gonns lie... sometimes I'd like to stay on... but I'm oldman strong haha.
lee priest is a moron, so atleast you are smart enough to get that. the problem with bodybuilding is these dudes have big muscles and think they are qualified to coach others or give life advice. and they aren't.

Bottom line is be prepared to basically neuter yourself and fry your hpta for life then thats your call.

the reality is once you get into your 30s and you fall in love with someone and she wants children and you can't give her a sperm she's probably going to divorce your ass. I've seen this happen to hundreds of my friends and it's the reality of life

maybe consider at least getting your sperm Frozen

and besides that your heart and kidney's will take a beating. as long as you're okay in your 50s possibly needing dialysis three times a week and needing to be on every drug Under the Sun to keep your cholesterol levels on point

at the end of the day whether you're 22 or 32 these are still factors to think about with steroids but the thing is you're getting a head start earlier in life so it's gonna affect you sooner than someone who is older

and my last thoughts are are you planning on monetizing this for real? I know you want to be Pro body builder and that's your dream and that's fine and dandy but Pro bodybuilders don't make shit at least from body building itself they make shit from other stuff they do so you better know how to Market yourself and you better be marketable in the first place. That means saying stupid shit and being a troll and being a negative person and gaining Traction in the bodybuilding community so you can get views and you can get sponsors. A lot of times that's not the best way to make a living and plus expect to get a lot of hate from internet people who are jealous of you. Most of these Pro bodybuilders barely scrape by just like actors or singers it's the top one percent who make the millions everyone else doesn't make shit
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