Alternatives to Clomid and Nolvadex for S4 PCT.


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Hi ya'll, I've been doing some research the past few and ... I am wondering if there is an alternative pct for s4
to nolvadex or clomid. Although I am aware that s4 vision side effects do not cause permanent eyesight damage,
the same is not always the case for vision complications that arise from clomid. (I've seen anecdotes of clomid vision side effects as low as 12.5mg).

Though these side effects are usually reversible I have encountered more than a few cases of subjects who have encountered permanent damage.

More than anything, I am worried about the possible vision side effects from clomid superimposed onto the otherwise innocuous vision side effects from s4.

Any thoughts? I will be getting bloodwork regardless before/after, and if suppression isn't that bad I would consider even not running a pct.