airplane travel


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are there any problems with carrying sarms on airplane? I started my cardarine cycle week ago and don't want to stop and now i am going on vacation where i'll stay 11 days


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if you fly outside teh country customs sometimes opens up your luggage and looks through it. what will you say when they find the sarms? not worth the hassle.


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i mean, lets put it this way... it shouldnt be anywhere in the US but you catch a tsa person on a bad day etc... who fucking knows... they can do anything there so while i would generally say you would be fine, its not as though its a guarantee either


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Take this with a grain of salt...
I travel for work all the time, and I always bring with me a bottle of liquid stevia, and a bottle of liquid vitamin D3K2. Never had any issues with those, even international. They are small, 1 fl oz dropper bottles, not suspicious at all. People travel with medications all the time. I think you'll be fine as long as you keep it discreet.


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It all depends on where exactly you are going to fly. You can find out whether it is legal in the country where you are flying to use sarm and make decisions based on this. People travel with medicines all the time . But they have medical data about the need for these drugs. I was in Austria recently . From the airport by train, I went to visit a friend. But I was detained at the airport because of birth control pills. It turned out that this drug is banned in Austria. I paid a big fine and barely caught the train. It would be better if I clarified this information in advance.2