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Hi Dylan I love your videos,

Quick question I get face bloat and water retention from test , is it possible that with an AI an lower dose I can eliminate that completely or will there always be slight face bloat until I come of the test completely ?
please dont tell me that you are using test without an ai... the fact you are even asking this tells me you should not be using steroids whatsoever
I’m with these guys. Do you run an AI normally?
Also diet has a major contribution to face bloat. I’m talking down to minutes after eating meals. High salt is known to as well for me. Especially while on aas.
If you aren't using an ai no wonder you're bloated. You need to use an ai from day one on cycle
Well it would help to know the dosage of your test...if your under 200mg it shouldn’t be too bad but if your having face bloat and by the way it sounds it sounds to me your doing a cycle. Why wouldn’t you be running an AI?
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