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Hello Dylan,

First of all i'am not English so if my language is not correct you know why!

I'am a 51 year old male and on TRT for 20 years due to tumors(not cancer)in my testikels.
I love to lift the weights but i dit hurt my shoulder so i'am waiting for surgery.
When i'am recovered i would like to start working out again and to make up for lost time i'am thinking about a cycle.
My TRT dosage is twice a week 100mg of sustanon,i never noticed any side-effects other then hair loss,but my father hat it also,so it might be genetic.

I have watched a lot of video's the last few weeks from you and other's to filter out the stuff i definetely do not need.
Since i allready use testosteron i thought that adding Deca Durabolin for 6/8 weeks(200mg/week),and then ending with 4 weeks of Masteron(400mg/week) would be potent and not to bad healthwise.
Do you think it is as well or would just masteron be ok ? and do i need to take care of something after the cycle is over?

The other question is because i work out at home and therefor have to order via internet,how i can be sure that i get the right stuff?!

Hopefully you will answer me take care and keep up the good advises!


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no way on running a cycle... you need to be back in the gym for quite some time before you even consider it... i would never recommend this at this time