Advice regarding Test Deca Dianabol cycle


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I am 5.9 wt 186 lb, bf 16%. Am vegetarian. No meat, eggs, fish. Only veggies and whey. Hv previous experience of steriods for past 5 yrs. Last cycle was in dec 2018 test 300 x 12 tren acetate 75mg x 6 wk, primo 800mg x12 wk.

Currenly am running
deca 300, test 300 × 12 weeks
dianabol 12.5 mg x 8 weeks
Caber .5mg every 3 days
Exemestane 12.5 mg every day

So far on week 10, gained about 8 lb (from173 to 186)of muscle, bf reduced to 15. No sides.
Questions I had was

1. Are the gains descent?
2. Was dianabol for 8 weeks too long?
3. Should I extend deca test to 14 weeks as deca is a long easter?
4. I am planning my next cycle after pct in march/april in which I would be using test propion 100 mg eod with anavar 25 mg per day for 8-10 weeks. Would like to have advice on dosing these 2 compounds as well as duration.
1. yes

2. FAR too long... thats DOUBLE the amount you should run dbol in terms of length

3. you can, yes

4. you need to focus on what your doing now and not worry about that at this point, not to mention thats not enough time off in between cycles... time on PLUS pct time = time off
Don't put the cart before the horse on future cycles. You don't even know how this cycle will go, if you recover properly, and if your goals will still be the same.
Finish this cycle, PCT, and recovery first before planning to start the next cycle. It seems like your planned time off is too short
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