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Ok this is my first post . I think I know the etiquette, correct me if I leave something out.

I’m 30 years old.
6’0” 230 lbs
12% BF
Been lifting 10 years.
Diet is on point. Eggs, chicken, green vegetables, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, fats, make up 95% of my meals. I know I need to count my macros better, I get lazy especially when I’m eating this clean. Probably need more calories, but I’m cutting so not a whole lot more. I’m around 3500/day

I work out a lot, maybe too much. High intensity cardio 4 times a week, indoor cycling, and weights 7 days a wk, body part splits. Slow cardio 1-2x a week. All morning cardio fasted.

Only been running gear for the last 3 years or so. Ran 4 cycles.

1st was 500 mgs test c/wk & Dbol 50 mgs/ ED
2nd 500 mgs test C/wk
3rd 250 mgs test C/wk & 350 mgs Tren A/wk
4th (current) 300 mgs test C/wk & 525 mgsTren A/wk & 75 mgs Anavar/ED

My next one is probably going to be something like this:

350 mgs test E/wk
350 mgs tren E/wk
350 mgs mast E/wk

I want to run more tren, but that’s a blend, so I’m going to add 100 mgs/wk of Parabolan.

Orals will be 50 mgs anavar/ED
Im wavering on adding 40 mgs of T3 to that. I probably will.

I could use some advice on PCT, preferably involving HCG Also any major problems with this cycle. I’ve never ran any slower tren esters but I handle 500 mgs of tren Ace pretty well. Is any of that just excessive or unnecessary?

I think that’s everything. Thanks
Everything looks ok. I tolerate Tren very well at 500. When I try to get greedy and go higher it gives me a reality check really quick. I don't recommend any thyroid meds for the average Joe. If you're competing... Maybe... But I've never messed with it. I'm on TRT so I'll let others give you some PCT advice. You should take one day off rest. Sounds like you're over training.

I don't see any mention about an AI or prolactin protection.
More infi

Shouldn’t the masteron deal with any prolactin issues I would have? I have some aromasin if the sides ever get bad. Would you recommend I go ahead and start taking some on my current cycle? It’s low test, pretty high tren, high anavar. The estrogenic sides aren’t bad, just a little acne.
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Mast will help indirectly by boosting libido but it doesn't lower prolactin. You might not need prolactin protection at 350 Tren but you should always have it on hand. At 500 I definitely recommend it. 0.25mg of Caber twice a week does wonders.

NEVER wait until you get estrogen related sides to run an AI. Mast does have anti estrogen properties so you won't have to run a very high AI dose but I would run a low dosage and assess with mid cycle bloodwork. Although Tren can skew the results so it's hard to tell sometimes. You should run Aromasin during your PCT anyways.
You should post a pic bro... Those are some impressive stats!
I would definitely have caber on hand if you don't. If you don't need it fine but if the day comes where the nips get puffy you'll want to be prepared. Glad to see another one that can handle tren without going mental. That 500 mark is special.
you should always have caber on hand, especially if you are over 350 mg of tren... thats an iffy dose on whether you will actually need it or not... you should take something though... vitamin b6 at the minimum but caber at .25 mg every 3 days would definitely do the job for you...
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