Advice from the legend Dylan !!


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Hey Dylan,

Before I start asking questions, I just wanted to say I love your videos and I’m a big fan. You are truly helping a lot of ppl inform themselves before they make important life decisions. Me and my friends really do appreciate what you do for us. That being said, I am gathering as much knowledge as possible about pct and I am slightly confused. Theres slight confusion when it comes to whether I’m going to be using nolvodex and clomid along with arimidex? Or just clomid and arimidex? Or just arimidex? I saw a video where you say nolvo and clomid are the same but you recommend running them together. Further I saw the video that states arimidex is the best because it’s an ai.

To give you some understanding here is my personal history and plan for this cycle. It is my first cycle ever. I always researched anabolics from the age of like 18-28 out of curiosity since I worked out daily. I am now 29 and felt I had low testosterone levels due to how I felt day to day.

This led me going to the doctor and getting my testosterone levels checked. Long story short, my doctor doesn’t know left from right. And basically said I have low test... (I manipulated the blood test as much as I could .. in order to get prescribed). Bam the doc asks me what I want and what dosage. He’s kind of a family friend so he gives me what I ask for. Sorry for going off topic, just wanted to give you an idea of My circumstances. So since I am in Canada, he prescribed me depo-test cypionate 100mg/1ml x 10 ml.

Below is the schedule I have planned for my first cycle. Please tell me what your honest opinion of this cycle is and also please advise on which pct and dosages you would use for this cycle and my circumstance. I really appreciate it Dylan as I need guidance from an experienced guy like you. I would be forever grateful brother.


.75 two times a week (150 mg)
For two weeks

1.00ml two times a week (200 mg)
For two weeks

1.25ml two times a week (250 mg)
For two weeks

1.50ml two time a week (300 mg)
For Four weeks

1ml two times a week (200 mg)
For one week

Last week .75ml and .5ml (125 mg)

12 Weeks. Then take two weeks off cold turkey. And pct for two weeks.

Please give your advice and opinion. If it’ll assist you, I can send you any info I have and pics of my physique.

Please help and thank you so much Dylan. You’re the best!!


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i cannot answer anything without your full stats... age/height/weight/body fat... pct 2 weeks? thats completely off base... not sure where you got that from... also, ml means nothing, just post in mg please


I hope you have more than one vial. The vial your doc gave you has 1000mg in it, your planned cycle requires 2725mg.