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Advent Calendar and some more things!


I had decided to create a very nice ADVENT CALENDAR in the site.

What does it mean? Simple and nice: Every day I will put ONE product in a very nice price in the site. Discount will vary between 10% and 25%!!

Daily I will post in this thread the discounted product :)

The last offer in this Advent Calendar will be in December the 17th because between December the 19th until January the 2nd we will be closed due to holidays.

If you are planning to buy your cycle for the next year don´t leave it for the last week! :)

I hope you all will like those offers :)
The first discounted product will be... tatatachaaaaaaan :p

Testosterone Enanthate Norma BULK 10!

The regular price for those 10 Norma ampoules is 57.95 USD. For the next 24 hours the price will be 49.50 USD. It means a 14.58% less than usual!

I´m sure you had never ever pay 4.95 USD for this amazing product!

By clicking here you can see the numbers a customer got in his blood work.

This discount will be in the site for the next 24 hours.

Do not miss it!!!

Let´s continue with our Advent Calendar!

Today it´s time for the beloved PROVIRON :)

The bulk of 10 boxes (200 tabs in total) will cost, until Sunday mignight, 140 USD. It´s a 15% discount over the regular price.

I wouldn't let this offer pass!!!
Let´s continue with this Advent calendar!

I had created a coupon code for the next few days: December. It will give you a 20% discount in your shopping cart if your order is over 200 USD.

The coupon will be available until December the 15th.

Do not forget to order now and you will receive your packages before Christmas!



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damn solid discounts there too bad I missed the proviron but maybe this can make up for it. haha I "think" I have enough but you can never get enough right?
The BULK 50 Norma has been discounted for the next 48 hours.

The regular price is 230 USD. The actual one is 195 USD. I think you shouldn't miss this offer!!

PS.- Please, don´t forget that order placed before Thursday will be shipped before Christmas. Orders placed/paid after that day will be shipped after New Year Eve!