I have been experiencing severe acne on my shoulders and back. Sort of knew this would happen when I started this cycle cause I had acne during my teen years and also got it pretty bad while on my first cycle ever. Now on the 12th week of my 2nd cycle. Running only test susta 250. 1cc a week. Been taking platinum bio aroma 25 (12.5) eod and fish oil EVERYDAY. I bought a non comedogenic body wash with no oils. Been using it every time I shower..also went to the docs and got prescribed acne medication....not sure the name till I get home but yea....Been using it twice daily but still no clear skin. I am not gonna lie I picked at the ones on my shoulders, cause who wants to walk around with pimples, and now am left with a lot of red bumps. Want to avoid scarring if possible. Any input will be great... thanks bros


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Yes paul mitchell tea tree is excellent... im very familiar with this product line

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