Aas pct + sarms / trt


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This may be a lengthy question but here it goes. I have seen multiple posts about the benefits of stacking MK 2866 and GW 501516 with your AAS PCT to preserve gains, lower cortisol, improve lipids, enhance recovery and avoid rebound fat gain/strength loss while adding lean muscle. Lots of benefits if you ask me. I have also read that GW is not HTPA suppressive and MK 2866 is only very mildly. So I guess my question is if pre cycle blood work shows low test levels and you have been prescribed a TRT dose, does stacking low level Test plus MK and GW have any synergistic benefits? Do the test and Sarms compete over the receptor sites? Or is the greater benefit found in having normal sex hormone levels and the ability for your body to convert test to estrogen for homeostasis? I know its a broad question. Just looking for some insight.


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no, they do not compete whatsoever and i still, to this day, cringe when i read that and have no clue where that ever came from... they stack extremely well together and i cant tell you how many people i have recommend this to that are on trt and absolutely love it...