A little help.


I have posted stats a lot of times I just have a question
I'm trying to keto diet I know not many people recommend it, but I'm trying it.
I'm doing a sarm stack with it
Gw 20 mg a day
Sr 30 mg 5mg e 2-3 hours
S4 50 mg a day
Mk2866 25 mg
All for 10 weeks
I have Mk677 I also have but I'm not sure if it raises insulin levels if so I can't run it.
Clomid 50/25/25/25
And gw- 20 mg

I was curious if I should also use Axio pill that includes (t3,yoh, and clen)
Or would I need to run test with it?


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Just cycle your carbs as needed bro. These fancy names for diets are for regular people not bodybuilders.


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Keto just isnt a good choice for resistance trained athletes. It's more for sedentary people