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hi, i ran first cycle, test only 250 per week...gained about 15lbs and strength went way up. Im 52, 6'3" weighed 227 at start...finished up at 242. the only issue i had was that bp went from 120/78 to 145/90 quickly...I mean within a few weeks. the highest was 150/93. Now, i admit...i didn't do very much cardio at all. I have a decent diet, but i'm not going to say that i ate perfectly clean...i had to get some extra calories to gain. Now, in the 4 weeks since the end of my 12 week cycle, I'm lifting in morning...cardio in afternoon, cleaned diet up. I've lost 10 lbs with no loss in strength. I decided to just cruise on 100 test per week on the 3 third week after cycle. I feel good...but, 52 isnt 32 and the aches and pains from lifting heavy and years have made it tough to push through some days.

My question is, do you think test/deca cycle at 200 test/200-250 deca would cause the same rise in BP? like I said, its not sky high..but, I could def feel the rise. I would of couse use an IA and caber. Thinking about starting after christmas and do 12 weeks. Would cardio at start make a difference in BP this morning was 125/, close to my pre cycle normal. I like the thought of deca relieving some joint added size and muscle that I could cut the extra weight after cycle. Your thoughts?
ya maybe add in some sarms for the healing and recovery aspect helps a lot with aches and pains. s4 gw and mk2866 and im sure DG or RR will add a great sarms stack in here for you to use with test seems like you responded well to it. what is your bf% do you know and did you get any bloodwork done
I'm really not sure body fat percentage. I'm not fat, certainly not a competitive body builder either. I would say probably around the 15%??? I had bloodwork done when I tried to get trt in feb. I take some tumeric and glucosamine, I'm not saying that they don't help...I'm just looking for fountain of youth I guess haha. To tell you the truth, I've never even heard of sarms until May or so. So, I'm open to suggestions with less possible side effects for sure.
are sarms only available in liquid or in capsule also? if you search online...huge variance in pricing??? how do you know legit vs ripoff? I got test from a recommendation at gym, and it was a reputable purchase. Ive asked around at gym, SARMS doesnt seem to be a hot topic around the guys that will talk openly.
liquid is the best and carries high quality, and it is damn near the fountain of youth brother I can tell you that
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