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20 year old Athlete Andarine/ Cardarine cycle


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Hi Dylan I’m a huge fan of your videos! I am a 20 year old professional combat athlete and I would like your opinion and advice on starting my first SARM cycle. I have done extensive research and have out weighed the risk to reward ratio, I’ve came to the conclusion that this is something I am completely set on doing but would like to do as safe and as smart as possible. I’m planning on running 2 / 6 week cycles of S4 & Cardarine with a break in between of course. My reason for wanting to do 2 / 6 week cycles instead of 12 weeks straight is because I want to peak at 2 competitions that don’t fall in a 12 week time frame with each other. With that being said I have no desire to improve my physique. My goals are strictly for performance and aid in cutting (Diet is on point). My questions for you are.. How long in between cycles should I take a break? Is running a pct in between Cycles necessary? What should my PCT look like? And finally what should my dosages for both compounds be based on my goals.

Thank you!


20 years old

5’6 / 134 lbs

goal weight 128-124 lbs

BF % estimate 10-12 %


-Muscle Preservation

-Athletic Performance






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hey brother, thanks for the support... i have to be honest with you, at 20 years old, its just not something im going to recommend to you... 21 is about the limit i have on recommending sarms... its just not something i do brother... i love your attitude etc but i just dont advise this


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If you’re a pro, don’t they drug test? You might want to be careful you don’t get popped for PEDs.

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