20% off ALL BTC orders HUGE SAVINGS only at P.S.L.


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20% Off ALL orders...International or Domestic-service and this includes everything you can possibly fit into your cart..
Whether it's Oils, Orals or even HGH/peptides it doesn't matter EVERYTHING is 20% off if you select BTC as your payment method..

Below is an example if you even decide to mix and match International products with Fast-service, once you've chosen your items you'll see your cart total,
from there it will automatically generate your actually savings at the bottom from there it will show you exactly how much you've saved and the NEW total that has been generated..
No voucher needed, just select your products, fill your cart and check out while selecting BTC as your payment method..
Your PSL shopping experience made simple, affordable and with HUGE with SAVINGS!

Easy as 1 -2 -3


Click the BTC to view our online store and begin your savings TODAY!

PS.. NO discount code needed.. Price is automatically generated off price upon checkout when selecting BTC as payment method
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Domestic and international products..

Take a look at the price difference on the online shopping catalog with international compared to domestic, international is at rock bottom prices.. imagine 20% off on top of those already reduced prices?

Or you can select domestic and after the 20% savings it will automatically generate a price that is almost equivalent to the international price.. it's a win-win situation either way, but it's a greater victory with international on top of the 20%!


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