1st day, wrong compound, advice?


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28 male, 6'1 250, roughly 30% bf (gained 60lbs of bad weight in the last year after having gotten pretty lean).

Anyways- wanted to do osta, cardarine, andarine. Ordered from a good site. Accidentally must have ordered mk677 instead of osta.

Decided to change to mk677 instead of osta since I need to gain lean mass and cut a lot of weight too.

Any probs with this?

Mk677 25mg 2 doses, 11am and 6pm
Gw 20mg 1 dose 11am
S4 50mg 2 doses 11am and 6pm.

I sleep around 8-9pm. Wake up around 6am.

Took everything today, mk677 made me tired af, which is why I'll be splitting dose and taking half before bed.
Yup mk677 is great but same if I take in the am I?m tired and hungry not good for weight loss
Thank you all for the advice.

Also kind of unexpected- about 15m after dosing this morning I broke out in a crazy sweat for a good 10mins (metabolism ramping up)? Will this happen every time more or less?
Proven peptides. Couldn't find anything but positive reviews on these guys and I know they have been around a long time
Oh nooooo!
Not those guys. I wouldn?t take that stuff.
I am running mk677 from Sarms for sale and no weirdness after taking it.
Ughhhhh proven.......

If you start sweating immediately id be concerned that your GW has clen in it.....
I would return if you can. I made the same mistake, everyone set me in the right direction though. They will issue a refund you just have to be very persistent.
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