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12 Sarm bulking cycle from esarms


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Heys guys looking for some advice. I'm looking to gain some mass as I'm pretty slim for my height 6'1 185 35 years old 8-10% BF. I'm thinking of purchasing the 12 bulking cycle from esarms that consists of
12 week bulking stack includes:

3 bottle x cardazol
3 bottle x m1-mk
6 bottle x ostabolic
6 bottle x anabolicum
2 bottle x testolone

I train 5 days a week doing Crossfit and am already in pretty good shape. Been doing it for 4 years. I'm just looking for something enhance my training. I train and diet consistently. I'm at kinda of at a plateau. I'm thinking of going to sarms route before attempting to go AAS. What do you guys think? I've also been researching a sustanon 250 cycle.


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yes, this is definitely the route you want to go with first... this is a perfect stack to go with as well