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Spring is right around the corner. Great time to get some stuff ready for those new cycles

If you want the BEST domestic gear in terms of quality and awesome customer service 1 stop domestic shop is exactly what you want.

On top of that you get FREE cycle design and personal advice with every order you place with me

Hit me up in PM or for fastest response on wickr and ill be happy to help you with a price list or whatever you need

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hey my man -- only old users can login to Wickr, new users cant sign up
do you have another messenger app like telegram? wire?
(already PM'd you, but mad hard to communicate on this forum's PM system... I signed up for this acct just for that reason)

if you have any other messenger app would be MAD appreciated my man -- ill even place the order first, then go through the cycle design (and get advice on winnie combined with Annie)

let me know brother!
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With so many sources out there nowadays, many people wonder who to choose. Ill help you make that decision.

1 stop domestic shop is 100% domestic, and has a long track record and reputation of outstanding products and customer service. I chose to represent this company based on my own experience with them.

The customer feedback speaks for itself, and we go out of our way to make sure you have grrat products and a great experience

You are in great hands with us. Let me help you
Set something up. Hit me up in PM or on wickr for our newest price list.

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At 1 stop domestic shop you will get the highest quality of domestic gear around, and you are also guaranteed to get the best communication and service from start to finish.

I will personally offer you one on one private consultation to help you set up your next cycle plan. Let me help you!

Message me here or on wickr. I will respond to you promptly and quickly.

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