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Thread: Your thoughts on this

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    Your thoughts on this

    Iíve been finding this belief on a TRT clinic forum. Nandrolone replacing testosterone for HRT. Nandrolone converts to similar things as testosterone but at smaller amounts, and instead of converting to DHT it converts to a weaker form called DHN. It also doesnít convert to a metabolite used in cognitive brain function. Is there anything else you know of why nandrolone shouldnít replace testosterone? Iím not planning to debate more: I showed the medical literature already and the response was I was just showing them bodybuilding rumors, meaning they never read it. So answers here are more for my interest.

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    This is the first I am even hearing of anyone wanting to use deca as a replacement for test in TRT, and it seems downright silly to me...

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    thats not anything i would ever consider can try it if you like... i'm certainly not nor would i ever

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    Iím on the same boat as you guys, I think itís ludicrous. Just want to hear other ideas on why itís a bad idea.

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