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Thread: Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdo44 View Post

    6 Weeks in
    5?10 235 lbs
    Nice bro!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanGemelli View Post
    Nice bro!!!
    Thanks appreciate!

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    Is the discount code still valid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tranh3dduyphat View Post
    Is the discount code still valid?
    There is a 25% off discount for using the new MESH payment system.. no code is required

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    I have ordered several times,no issues, no security breaches. Quality products and great results.

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    Yes quality is really too good...

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    Fuck i just saw this discount sfter i ordered, lol oh well, sometimes ur the bug, sometimes then windshield

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