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    Just checkin back in w erybody. How yall been? Great to be back

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    Dang blast from the past. Welcome back!

    Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

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    Yo what up man, yesh my travel gig just didnt allow me to ne as active so i quit the job to come back to my brothas and sistas here. Lmao nah i just got tired of the road. Hope all is well with you cbbram

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    hey brother, good to have you back!

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    Thanks DG glad to be back and off the road w momma every night. Ill be hittin a sarms stack here shortly

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    sounds good bro!

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    Doing good man, thanks for asking, what about you?
    LEarning a lot lately for the grind

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