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Thread: Winstrol/Anavar - NO PCT - Infertile?

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    Winstrol/Anavar - NO PCT - Infertile?

    Hi Dylan,

    I have come across a few of your videos and found them very useful and I thought I would email for some advice.

    So I am 23 year old male. I ran a 5 week cycle throughout August/September 2017 at 50mg of what I thought was anavar but could have been winstrol. At the time I was naive, didn't do enough research into steroids and admittedly was very stupid.

    Due to being on what I thought was anavar I considered a PCT of nolvadex and clomid but again due to stupidity I decided against it.

    I do feel my balls have shrunk slightly and are not back to normal size, but I do have a sex drive and am masturbating. My real concern is around the fact my balls have shrunk slightly and the potential of infertility? This is the only cycle I have ever done, I wanted your advice on whether you feel I should use HCG/NOLVA/CLOMID now or is there no need am i being paranoid? Due to my age and my lack of steroid use is it likely my test levels will go back to normal and I am fertile?

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Apologies for being so stupid with steroids!

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    you need to get bloodwork first and NO you do not want to run that combo... i need to see your bloodwork so i can make you the proper recommendation on what to follow for a pct protocol

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    Get that Bloodwork first and come back to us with numbers bro. We can help you with the right path to take from there

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    Will do, I have an appointment with my doctor this week where I will request the bloodwork. Should I be asking for HPTA bloodwork?

    Any advice is appreciated, first time doing this.

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    Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/ Differential: Hematocrit; hemoglobin; mean corpuscular volume (MCV); mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH); mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC); red cell distribution width (RDW); percentage and absolute differential counts; platelet count; red cell count; white blood cell count; immature granulocytes
    Comprehensive Metabolic Profile ( includes eGFR ): A:G ratio; albumin, serum; alkaline phosphatase, serum; ALT (SGPT); AST (SGOT); bilirubin, total; BUN; BUN:creatinine ratio; calcium, serum; carbon dioxide, total; chloride, serum; creatinine, serum; globulin, total; glucose, serum; potassium, serum; protein, total, serum; sodium, serum; eGFR
    Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
    Testosterone, Total - Women, Children, and Hypogonadal Males, LC/MS-MS

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    Results are as follows:

    Note the numbers in brackets are what the levels should be between, this was provided on the transcript.

    Bone Profile
    Serum alkaline phosphatase - 80iu/L (30-130)
    Serum total protein - 75g/L (60-80)
    Serum albumin - 51g/L (35-50) High
    Serum globulin - 24g/L (18-36)
    Serum calcium - 2.46mmol/L (2.2-2.6)
    Corrected serum calcium level - 2.31mmol/L (2.2-2.6)
    Serum inorganic phosphate - 1.21mmol/L (0.8-1.5)

    Estimated GFR
    Units for eGFR - ml/min/1.73sqM

    Liver Function Test
    Serum bilirubin level - 9umol/L (1-21)
    Serum ALT level - 14 iu/L (0-41)

    Urea and Electrolytes
    Serum sodium - 143mmol/L (133-146)
    Serum potassium - 4.3mmol/L (3.5-5.3)
    Serum urea level - 4.9mmol/L (2.5-7.8)
    Serum creatinine - 71umol/L (62-106)

    Serum FSH Level
    Serum FSH Level - 5.0iu/L (1.5-12.4)

    Serum LH Level
    Serum LH Level - 7.1iu/L (1.7-8.6)

    Serum Oestradiol Level
    Serum Oestradiol Level - 77 pmol/L (28-156)
    Serum testosterone - 29.1 nmol/L (7.9-31.0)

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    All of the numbers you provided look fine to me

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    i dont see any issues with anything whatsoever

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