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Thread: Winstrol?

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    Hey Dylan I just discovered you on YouTube and I love your videos and what you do Iíve learned a lot from you. My question is so I am about to start a test and winny cycle and the only winstrol I could get is 50 mg tablets and I donít want to take that much, with that being said is it okay to cut the tablets in half and take half every day?

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    You can definitely cut them in half. I usually use Winstrol 50mg tablets as a finisher at the tail end of a cycle, and cut them in half with a pill splitter taking half in the morning and half in the afternoon (probably not needed to split it with the ~8 hour half-life, but I like to think it keeps the levels more consistent)

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    sure you can

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    Yes theres no problem doing that at all

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